So He Wants To Be King

4 min readFeb 17, 2024
Photo by Christian Lambert on Unsplash

Kings and wannabe Kings are less rare than you think. Ask women. A faction of children. Non-binary folks. Some other men. They know.

Kings live in their kitchens, bedrooms, bosses’ offices, and boardrooms. Many of them are politicians. At least one wants to be president. Again.

Kings take up real estate in the internalized, cultural narratives of womanhood, childhood, body image, sexual expression, and bodily autonomy. They loudly define what it means to be “a real man” or “get your man card back” for other men.

Kings feel entitled to have sex, but are ‘hands-off’ on birth control. Regarding pregnancy, Kings are ‘not my responsibility’ but ‘let me tell her what to do.’ This includes not only deciding if a woman should have autonomous access to healthcare, but whether she has the right to decide the most important and impactful life decisions a person born with a uterus can face or sometimes must make:

-Am I psychologically, physically, and financially able to become a functional and responsible parent at this time in my life?

-If not, am I psychologically, physically, and financially able to bring a pregnancy to full-term and transition the infant into an adoptive family at this time in my life?

-Or if my life conditions, internal and/or external are not realistically conducive…




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